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About this project

2019-05-01 · christian · continuous integration, docker, git, projects is just another blog from a Nerd about IT stuff.

The blog is open for constributions. If you interested in write a article, visit the git repository and send me a Email.


  • Clone git repository
  • Create a new branch
  • Create a new article as markdown file in src/_posts/
  • Push changes
  • Create merge request

How its work

The blog is generated with Jekyll. The software, which is also used for GitHub Pages.

On new commits on the master branch, a CI pipeline compiles the Jekyll project into static HTML files and uploads them to the server.

Each merge request branch is deployed as a password protected preview to the staging server. The credencials can be found in the output of the deployment task.

When a merge request is complete, the Pipeline makes sure, that the preview is deleted again.

Further infos:

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