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2020-03-02 · christian · projects

As addition to I’ve created yesterday the mini-project Yay or Nay?. A single page application which allows you to ask simple yes/no questions.

This tool helps you to coordinate things through for example WhatsApp.

Allow Cookies

The tool uses cookies to store the current decision. This makes it possible to change the decision later or reset it entirely.

Allowing cookies is mandatory.

How it works

If you open, the application redirects you automatically to a random url which stores your future votes.

But you can also choose any user defined string (^[A-Za-z0-9\-_]{3,64}$) in the url.


To make it for your users easy as possible, you can post two urls. One for yes, one for no.

But the user can no longer see the votes without voting himself.

Data privacy

The “allow cookies”-Cookie is stored in your browser for one year and contains no user data. Just a 1.

The session cookie is stored 14 days in your browser and contains all votes of the user.

A Yay/Nay voting page is deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

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