Disable Bloatware, Tracking and other nasty stuff with PowerShell

2023-12-28 · christian · powershell, windows

Windows 10 comes with alot of annoying tracking features, bloatware and other nasty stuff. As long as the system is licensed as Pro Edition, it is possible to disable alot of this stuff with Group Policies.

Group Policies are normally managed by Active Directoy, which requires one or more Windows Servers. But Policies can also managed with PowerShell and the PolicyFileEditor Module.

My script set-policies.ps1 will apply the following changes to Windows:

Group Policies

  • Disable the Windows Advertising ID
  • Disable data collection for the Input Personalisazion
  • Disable online tips
  • Disable cloud features
  • Disable telemetry and feedback
  • Disable data collection in Microsoft Edge
  • Disable Flash in Microsoft Edge
  • Disable interactive “New Tab” Page in Microsoft Edge
  • Disable Windows Preview Builds
  • Disable Microsoft Accounts
  • Disable Windows News and Interest Feeds
  • Disable Cortana, Cloud and Internet Search in Windows Search
  • Disable Windows Settings synchronization
  • Disable automatic Windows Updates
  • Download updates and schedule the installation every day at 03:00
  • Disable reboot for Windows Updates if a User is logged in
  • Disable Windows Update P2P
  • Disable device wake up for windows updates
  • Disable error reporting to Microsoft
  • Disable consumer experience reporting to Microsoft
  • Disable application telemetry
  • Disable auto connect to suggested Wifi Hot Spots
  • Disable OneDrive

Uninstall Bloatware

If the magic file C:\configs\enable-uninstallpackages.txt exists, the script will try to uninstall the following AppX packages:

  • 3dbuilder
  • 3dviewer
  • bingfinance
  • bingnews
  • bingsports
  • bingweather
  • disney
  • feedbackhub
  • getstarted
  • netflix
  • officehub
  • oneconnect
  • onenote
  • people
  • print3d
  • skypeapp
  • solitairecollection
  • soundrecorder
  • tuneinradio
  • twitter
  • windowsalarms
  • windowscamera
  • windowscommunicationsapps
  • windowsmaps
  • windowsphone
  • xbox
  • zunemusic
  • zunevideo
  • xing
  • king.com

The strings are used for searching for the full package names and can match multiple packages. Please check the list with the following commands on your system to make sure, that no package you need is uninstalled by mistake.

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers -Name "*xbox*"
Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -Online | Where-Object { $_.DisplayName -like "*xbox*" }

Other Features

  • Show last login info on logon (If magic file C:\configs\enable-logoninfo.txt exists)
  • Create symlinks for shutdown /r and shutdown /s on the Desktop (If magic file C:\configs\enable-trueshutdown-icon.txt exists)
  • Apply new group policies
  • Create a policy report at C:\Temp\GPReport.html


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