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Grafana Guest Access and multiple Organizations

Grafana supports guest access to dashboards only for one single organization, which needs to be configured in the server configuration. [...] - written by christian on 10. June 2020

Shell Scripts: Automate User Input

The tool expect makes it possible to automate keyboard inputs in shell scripts and programs. [...] - written by christian on 21. May 2020

debconf: Install Debian Packages unattended

The developers of the jitsi-meet project are currently working in a impressive speed. From release to release there are so many changes, that only a reinstall makes sense. [...] - written by christian on 07. May 2020

dingetun.net Lite: Yay or Nay?

As addition to dingetun.net I’ve created yesterday the mini-project Yay or Nay?. A single page application which allows you to ask simple yes/no questions. [...] - written by christian on 02. March 2020

Configure Bash History

For Borg Backup I wanted to defined environment variables without adding them to ~/.bash_history. In the man page I found HISTCONTROL. [...] - written by christian on 05. January 2020

Terraria Server in Docker

Yesterday I wanted to play Terraria again. To have the option for multiplayer later, I wanted to start directly on a dedicated server. [...] - written by christian on 23. December 2019

Find devices with IPv6

When connecting a device to a PC which has a network interface configured to DHCP, you can find out the IP address with link-local. [...] - written by christian on 30. May 2019

About this project

serverless.industries is just another blog from a Nerd about IT stuff. [...] - written by christian on 01. May 2019

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