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APT Repositories: Components and Package Versions

guide en Some time ago I started to host my own APT repository for Unifi and MongoDB packages, as the software quality of Unifi is really bad and it prevented me from upgrade the Debian version to the latest stable release. This guide shows the current status of the repository and which packages are available. [...]

Unifi Controller Upgraded to 8.0.28

en I’ve updated my Unifi packages for Debian 12 “Bookworm” to version 8.0.28. Apparently it supports finally MongoDB 4.4 out of the box, without hack and repack the Debian package. [...] - written on 08. June 2024

How DCI Movie Delivery and Encryption works

en The Cinema Industry is using its own standards for creating and distributing movies in a secure way. The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specification defines everything from file formats and encryption to the projection systems itself. [...] - written on 31. May 2024

Jailbreaking the Thinkpad X230 UEFI to replace the Wifi Chip

en I wanted to reactivate my old Lenovo Thinkpad X230 as a “Burner Laptop”. Put a Linux on it, use it on events like conferences and reinstall it afterwards. The main reason why I replaced it was the outdated WiFi chip, which only supported 802.11 a/b/g/n. [...] - written on 20. April 2024

Deploy to a classic Webhosting with GitLab CI

en Some time ago I helped with making and deploying a small Website. The Website was made in Symfony 6.x and is deployed to a Webspace without any SSH access. Just FTP. [...] - written on 24. March 2024

The only Docker CE setup guide you will ever need

guide en Kubernetes clusters are an awesome piece of technology, if an highly automated and dynamic environment for tens or hundrets of applications is required. But Kubernetes brings also huge complexity which is not always necessary. Not every project scales to the size of Netflix or Google, so an good old Docker CE can also be an option. This guide is a collection of custom configurations to improve the security, stability and isolation of Docker CE servers and it’s containers. [...]

Generate tags and categories dynamically in Jekyll

en When a Jekyll Page is getting more complex, it’s helpful to add custom meta data to pages and posts. For example, add a auto generated category to only show the primary language version of a multi language post on the index page but also let single posts in a secondary language show up. [...] - written on 09. December 2023

Disable Storage on a Raspberry Pi Pico

en When using a Raspberry Pi Pico as a USB Mouse or Keyboard, you may want to disable CircuitPythons flash drive and the REPL serial console. [...] - written on 03. December 2023

Static Binaries

en de While debugging issues in container environments or on embedded devices, there is always the same problem: All the debugging tools are not installed. Installing tools is often not an option, especially in environments where there is no internet connection for security reasons. [...] - written on 02. July 2023

.NET Core Session Cookie Lifetime

en de The .NET Core Session Store allows it to store data server-side for the current client. Per default the cookie which identifies the client only remains in the browser until it’s closed. [...] - written on 08. March 2022

Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error

en de We tried to deploy a Docusaurus website to a windows system and used chef-client to copy the HTML files from GitLab Artifacts into the Windows Server folder. [...] - written on 10. January 2022

Building a smart door bell

en de The idea to include my door bell into Home Assistant has existed since 2018. I’ve asked a colleague who is an electican how to do this. [...] - written on 08. January 2021

DNS Updates with nsupdate

en de A few DNS zone which I maintain don’t have a web interface to edit the records. I am required to use RFC2136 nsupdate. Preparations in Nameserver The domain owner assigned me a HMAC key in his nameserver (bind9) configuration which has the permission to perform updates and Zone Transfers (show all records in dig). [...] - written on 27. September 2020

ClusterHAT: Solving power issues with Pi Zeros when rebooting Pi 4

en de The ClusterHAT allows to connect up to four Rasperry Pi Zero to a Raspberr Pi with a integrated USB Hub. The Pi Zeros are capable to communicate via USB Ethernet Gadget. So it is possible to connect the devices via Ethernet. [...] - written on 18. September 2020

debconf: Install Debian Packages unattended

en de The developers of the jitsi-meet project are currently working in a impressive speed. From release to release there are so many changes, that only a reinstall makes sense. [...] - written on 07. May 2020 Lite: Yay or Nay?

en de As addition to I’ve created yesterday the mini-project Yay or Nay?. A single page application which allows you to ask simple yes/no questions. [...] - written on 02. March 2020

Configure Bash History

en de For Borg Backup I wanted to defined environment variables without adding them to ~/.bash_history. In the man page I found HISTCONTROL. [...] - written on 05. January 2020

Terraria Server in Docker

en de Yesterday I wanted to play Terraria again. To have the option for multiplayer later, I wanted to start directly on a dedicated server. [...] - written on 23. December 2019

Find devices with IPv6

en de When connecting a device to a PC which has a network interface configured to DHCP, you can find out the IP address with link-local. [...] - written on 30. May 2019

About this project

en de is just another blog from a Nerd about IT stuff. [...] - written on 01. May 2019 BG by Carl Lender (CC BY 2.0) Imprint & Privacy
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