dyndns-cgi webservice

Implements web-based DynDNS endpoints for routers like Fritz!Box or Ubiquiti EdgeRouter for nameservers which only speak RFC2136 nsupdate.

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git-utils script

git-clean-sync automates fetch all branches, link remote and local branches together, pull changes on all branches, delete orphaned local branches, push all branches.

Very helpful when working with alot of feature branches and pull requests.

-t, --temp-branch     Create a temporary branch to make
                      operations on the current working copy possible
-f, --fetch           Download all current changes
-l, --link            Link local und remote branches with the same name
-p, --pull            Merge fetched changes into local branches
-d, --delete-orpaned  Delete orphaned local branches
-p, --push            Push all local branches and tags to all remotes
-s, --summary         Show an summary after all other operations

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Guenther game


A “Simon says” clone. The cause to creating this was to play around with new CSS and Java Script techniques.

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huepf webservice

A file-based (no database) shortlink service with a very basic admin panel. It’s written in PHP to make in compatible with almost all webspace providers.

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minimon script

A small bash script compatible with Linux and Git Bash on windows to monitor services and systems by http, tcp, icmp and custom scripts.

Uses bash jobs for parallelization and supports loading checks from a JSON file. Tools like bc or jq will only be used if installed to ensure a high compatibility.

[2020-11-04T23:44:13+01:00] http - - OK (0) - HTTP 200
[2020-11-04T23:44:14+01:00] tcp - localhost:22 - NOK (2) - Connect failed
[2020-11-04T23:44:14+01:00] icmp_google - - OK (0) - Ping succeeded (0% loss)
[2020-11-04T23:45:17+01:00] tcp - localhost:22 - OK (0) - Connect successful - changed after 63s

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Mouse Jiggler Pico hardware

Mouse Jiggler Pico

A hardware mouse jiggler based on Raspberry Pi Pico which connects via USB to a PC and prevents the idle lock screen to become active.

Start/Stop Button, a Button to type a static Passphrase, USB Storage and Serial Console disabled if the left button is not pressed on boot.

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Mouse Jiggler ESP32 hardware

Mouse Jiggler ESP32

A hardware mouse jiggler based on ESP32 which connects via bluetooth to a PC and prevents the idle lock screen to become active.

Start/Stop, Jiggle Interval and 3 different bluetooth profiles (for different PCs) can be controled by the two push buttons.

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nsupdate-interactive script


This python script gets all DNS records from a zone by a AXFR query and opens the record list in a editor of you choice.

Changes on the records will be send as RFC2136 nsupdate commands to the nameserver.

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PerrysNetConsole framework


A C# framework with very basic UI controls for command line applications like progress bars, graphs, grids and tables.

There is a extension for HTML exports as well.

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speedtest webservice


Java Script based webservice to test upload and download speed of your internet connection.

It also shows alot of nerd infos in the developer console of your browser.

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Static Binaries build

Static Binaries

A CI Pipeline project which builds portable versions of popular tools like curl, busybox or tcpdump. It uses GitLab CI and Docker to create self-contained and portable build jobs which can be reproducted very easily on own infrastructure.

The builds can be found on the files page.

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YouLoop webservice


A website which allows to loop parts of a YouTube video. Mostly used to loop songs without endcard blah blah.

It uses the YouTube iframe API.

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