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Terraria Server in Docker

2019-12-23 - christian - docker, games, linux

Yesterday I wanted to play Terraria again. To have the option for multiplayer later, I wanted to start directly on a dedicated server.

The following script starts the Terraria inside of a Docker Container without the need to create a Docker Image.

The Server binaries and world data are stored just in a folder of the host system. Both will be mounted into a vanilla Debian Buster Image.

mkdir -p \
    /containerdata/terraria/server \

# - Download Dedicated Server from
#   (Link at the bottom of the page)
# - Unzip the binaries to
#   /containerdata/terraria/server

docker run -it -d \
    --name terraria \
    -p 7777:7777 \
    -v /containerdata/terraria:/data \
    --workdir /data/server \
    --entrypoint ./TerrariaServer \
    debian:buster-slim \
        -x64 \
        -players 20 \
        -worldpath /data/world \
        -world /data/world/myworld.wld \
        -port 7777 \
        -autocreate 3 \
        -worldname myworld

The admin console of the server can be opened with docker attach terraria. To close the console again, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-p, CTRL-q.

When the docker host runs more (maybe critical) stuff, you may want to limit the ressources of the container with --memory and --cpus. BG by Carl Lender (CC BY 2.0)
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